Another year another Marvel movie. Get your wallets out for more of the same comforting entertainment. I was unable to attend the media screening of the latest instalment in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise which connects to the larger Marvel universe but Matt, our resident professional with an opinion went and payed to see it like a regular person. I asked him to write this review but while he was willing, he just didn’t have the capacity.

“I would if it was more than white noise in my memory.”

“I did like that bald red guy though. I thought his dialog and character was unique enough to make note of.”

You mean the “My reactions are too fast, I would catch it.” guy?

“Yeah that guy. I reckon he’s better in the second movie. I was expecting more stoicism and misunderstandings from him. It was like the only thing I didn’t expect from that movie.”

And that concludes our review of the film, because honestly every Marvel movie at this point is designed to make you forget everything for two hours while stuffing your face for popcorn. There isn’t going to be anything offensive or thought provoking. Just explosions and a healthy dose of lighthearted fun.

Was this review worth doing? Absolutely not.