I accidentally went and got Farcry 4 on a whim the other day (Pixel art commissions have been good to me.)
I liked the first Farcry back in the day, and then loved Farcry 2 because it was such a massive departure from the first and was a unique game at the time. It captured something visceral and alive that was missing from linear games. Also the antagonist was great.
Farycry 3 brought the game up to modern standards and brought another awesome antagonist I didn’t even finish that game but it was great fun. I got everything I needed out of it. Also I had the ending sort of spoiled for me so I felt no need to complete the dudes little journey into being a bad ass and getting his friends off the island.
Then Farcry 4 came out waaaay too soon. Like, Assassins Creed too soon. And no shit, it’s pretty much FC3.5. Or three or four Steam mods. “Lots of Animals Pack” + “Nepal reskin mod”.
So if you’ve played Farcry 3 then wait until you feel like playing it again and then get FC4. That’s my recommendation. 
I really loved the aesthetics of this one section of the game so I had to upload the screenshots. My settings aren’t fully cranked. I’ve got it set to “High”. That’s about two settings from Ultra or whatever.