15/20. Sometimes horrible situations sometimes end up with you riding a centipede/caterpillar that devours pillars of dirt. Sometimes.
So I just passed my learners test. Booked it today, sat it today. I did a couple test runs on my phone before heading over. And I had another 10 minutes to rock the test test again. In fact I’ve never actually read the road code properly before. I slipped through the system. Congratulations, I’ll be on your road ruining your life real soon. I opened the book once and looked at it and went “Yep, I agree with this, no need to convince me further.”
What’s weird is that you need to book the test, even though there’s computers sitting right there ready to go. Why can’t I just jump on and nail it? What’s with this abitrary waiting business, what is this? It’s like going back to a time where you needed to be in front of the TV at the right time to catch the movie.
I got two of the questions wrong in the first 10. So I spent the next 25 sweating it out. At the very end I got one more wrong with 5 more questions to go. and I made it. I scraped through. Boom. Take that you stupid licence everyone’s been bothering me about. You weren’t so tough. I’ve encountered puzzles in Zelda harder than you.
Oh and cars are totally the most inefficient use of road space invented so far. I was really hoping that public transport would have gotten it’s shit together by now.