So here’s the first of what I hope will be a new tradition, all my personal hits of 2014. 105 tracks equaling 8 hours of continuous play. If you were hoping to fill your entire workday with a pile of curated house then this is the playlist for you. While most of them came out this year others came out ages ago, I wasn’t paying attention to when things came out, just whether or not I thought they were cool or not. You’ll probably recognize a lot of these songs if you’ve been listening to the stuff I share at the bottom of my shorter posts.

Since I started using Soundcloud I started digging a lot of Deep House, and I realize that it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t find the beats invigorating you’ll probably find them downright irritating. Also if you’ve listened to any amount of George.FM it’s going to straight piss you off cause you’ve heard it a million times before.

I’ve tried to tap down on the amount of Tourist I put in here or I’d be dropping entire EP’s in. Also I’ve stayed away from the hour long mixtapes and tried to stick to just single songs.

Have a mint New Years ya munters.