Malcolm the Bush Baby is a coming of age story about a boy who eschewed modern living in favour of squatting around in the native bush of New Zealand.
His time is mostly taken up by raiding houses since there really isn’t anything to eat in NZ bush if you don’t know what you’re doing. Critics are already suggesting that it’s going to be better than Boy and Whale Rider. But most are adamant that it probably won’t stand up to What We Do In The Shadows.

The font used for this was Olympic Branding. It’s super sexy & I needed an excuse to use it.

Work on Unity has been jilted recently as my time has been filled with other garbage. Not quite sure what. I’m currently working on the jump cycle. I’m not confident on how it’s going to look so progress in that area has been slow.

Oh yes, I did get a yoyo. Matt is getting us back into them. We’re sort of working our way backwards in terms of nerd stuff. Not content to just stick to our current generations nerdy hobbies we’re going back and plundering everyone elses. Tetris, done. Rubics Cubes, done. Yoyos, yeah pretty much. Hula Hoops, perhaps best left in the past. There are only so many things you can do without being sent to Man Child Rehab.

This space is white and I’ve been surrounded by far too many people recently who believe white space is bad. So I’m just going to finish this sentence right here.

Fuck ya!