As a general warning, this is a video of me and my mates, if you aren’t someone I know in RL then you’ll probably think this video is boring as crud, since it isn’t made for general consumption. But if you like chickens and think that Matt forgetting that someone’s cutting my hair while filming me getting my hair cut is funny then feel free to take a look.
I got all excited about creating something, so instead of finishing the Pixel art I had on the go, I decided to finish the video instead. I was up till 1am getting it cut down. It started off as about half an hour of bad impressions, but I managed to condense everything pretty fast. I reckon I could have cut the beginning down even further but for some reason I thought that a long shot of +Ben Wilson saying he thinks John Snow was dumb was going to add value to all your collective lives. It might, you never know. By the way ladies, he’s single. And tight. Just sayin’.
The poetic title is due to the fact that the videos are shot over multiple nights and events at Matts. It’s the common watering hole.
Here’s the playlist for this episode, with an added song that almost made the cut but not quite. I recommend checking out more of Alec’s stuff, I picked both his songs, independetly of each other. I didn’t realise I had the same artist till I was doing the credits.

So this is going to be the last video I shoot on my old camera before moving on to my totally sweet Panasonic hc-v750k. I’m totally amped to see what a finished product on that thing will look like. Creating audio for slo-mo might be a bit of a pain though.