Itunes sucks to the point that it infused me with enough motivation to write this quick little ditty. Feel free to make it an anthem of a generation. You can do that right?
But seriously, I can just straight copy paste albums onto Android, it’s fantastic. Then there’s this mess. I realize that the experience for Itunes is better on an apple thing. But seriously, if this is some sort of strategy to “Treat ’em mean & keep ’em keen” then it’s not working.
Which is a shame. Apple has done a seriously good job on creating solid quality products. But the software let’s it way way down. Like, dropped the baby on the ground kind of down.

To show how much I don’t appreciate it, I went back in this post and capitalized the “I” & not the “T”. That’ll show ’em. I even told my browser to remember the spelling. Diluting your brand and there’s nothing you can do! HA.