So a lot happened this weekend, including finding out that I have a ton of people in my life who are far too cool for their own good, even to the point that they’d throw me a surprise party and give me a mint video camera. All of yous are gonna have to get your own post, hopefully when I get all this slow motion footage edited into something that’s actually watchable.
ANYWAY, onto game dev stuff. Sunday evening was super productive. I moved my PC out into the lounge, and while the lack of internet was disruptive in terms of trouble shooting Unity issues it did mean that I had zero distractions to pull me away from finishing up the walk cycle. I finished the 4 keyframes I talked about in the last post then made the tweens. Which had a little less thought involved as I was just drawing the pose between each of the major frames.

She spends exactly half her time one pixel lower to create the bobbing effect. So 2 frames high, the 2 low, 2 high, 2 low again, around and around. Although this effect is somewhat lost in the game at the moment as I had to manually adjust where the center point was on each frame of the spritesheet. As you can see she doesn’t take up an exactly square spot in space. Even more apparent in the following run animation which was even more a pain in the butt to center.

When I did the initial sketch of her running Becky asked why her boobs weren’t doing anything. So I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a while getting the boob physics right. I’m expecting a call from the Dead or Alive crowd any day now. Now I need to look into blending between standing and moving etc, so it doesn’t look so flickery and ugly when I start and stop moving. Also coming up is jumping and falling poses. Eventually I’ll probably come back and see if I can animate her hair a little on the run animation, at the moment it’s a little too static.