I’ve been keeping on the down low since I haven’t created any new art that was worthy of sharing recently. The game is progressing and I’ve started blocking out the level design with the limited resources I have at my disposal. I caved a little yesterday and Matt started having a go at Unity as well, dealing with the glamorous task of making Platforms move around and helping me tweak the character so she didn’t feel so “floaty”.
I’ll take some screenshots tonight maybe so you can see how the prototype looks at the moment. But for now here’s a great parenting tip. Brought to you by Kristof & I. He’s a relatively new kid on the block. You’ll see his name crop up a lot more since he’s working right next to me now.
*Disclaimer, naming your child “Peach Tea Daisy” will result in him inevitably joining the glee club, or alternatively, if you give this name to a girl she has a high chance of becoming a stripper. If symptoms persist talk to your healthcare professional.