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This weekend has been a mighty productive one. A bunch of pixel girls and finished off an episode of Snow I drew about this time last year. Next week I’ll celebrate by not partaking in any sort of productivity!

I got a G510s Logitech Keyboard today. It’s pretty fancy, with 18 function keys and an LCD HUD thingy. You can load apps into it which is nifty. I loaded up the Battlefield 4 stat display and stared at it for a bit and then decided that it was in no way helpful and definitely wouldn’t give me “the edge in combat”. However I imagine these function keys would really come in useful if I ever decided to get into MUDs again.
I started playing an MMO on my Nexus 4 the other day “The Infinite Black”. I like the mechanics for moving around, and I reckon that with enough tweaking it’s got a system that would really enhance a role playing enforced MUD. I have a feeling I know what I want in an RPG MUD type game, I just don’t know the search terms to use. All I ever find is MUD clients, and that’s just not it. It’s antiquated to use cardinal directions manually typed in to move around, but a fully graphic game throws out the role playing baby with the bath water.
Something like Illarion perhaps. But not clunky.