I bet you’ve always wanted to see a pixel art version of a Cave Story character right! Yeah. Yeah I know. If you haven’t heard of Cave Story yet, well, now is about time you did. I mean it’s been out since 2004 as a freeware title, and has since garnered a billion ports, and an official remastering on the 3DS and Steam. Although you can just play the original for free on the first link I left.
I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do Curly Brace’s colour scheme the official art colours (below) used in the 3DS promo art or the original colour scheme (above). So I did both. She almost looks like she belongs in portal or something in the bottom one.
I decided to get onto this one for Matt’s sake. Apparently not everyone is a brawler fan. I can’t imagine why though. It’s so dynamic and different every time you play one.