I’ve worked at a magazine for almost exactly a year now. I’ve had the honour of getting to know some pretty cool peeps. One of them, Cinto, who is confusingly not Indian, despite all intents and purposes has left home for India till the 6th of February. That leaves me in charge of all design going in and out of this place (mostly out).
With a sudden lack of having someone else around to do my work for with me I am now coming to the horrifying conclusion that my position as the companies Youtube foreign correspondent has come to a sudden halt. To help get over this I’ll be writing over the next couple months about what it’s like not having Cinto around.
Day 1
Cinto left on Tuesday the 17th. With his departure I’ve had to offload all my racism rays onto Bruce. I asked him whether he thought that widescreen TV’s have had an impact on South Korean pop girl groups due to the fact that they all need to line up to dance in synchrony. Now that screens are wider they can add at least two more members to a group to fill all that width. He said he honestly hadn’t thought of it before. I find this a dubious claim.
Day 2
Tom was missing today, apparently he had to go off and make his girlfriend cry at the top of New Zealands tallest building in celebration of her 21st.
Fire alarm went off. We went downstairs and huddled with all the other office workers from the connected offices. Excitement from the troops began to dwindle till some woman got her skirt blown up. She called everyone rape enablers and spent the rest of the outdoor banishment sculking around holding her skirt down as best she could.
Day 3
Barely anyone in the office.
The fire alarm went off again and I decided that there wasn’t enough drama last time. So I burst out of our stairwell onto the carpark coughing and spluttering holding my arms protectively over my head. People looked around semi perturbed. Co-workers disowned me at this point. It’s fine. if I follow them around long enough they’l accept me back into the herd.
Day 4
Bruce brought it to our attention that during his smoke break he noticed that the wall panel thing outside said that one of the rooms in the building was still purportedly on fire. This certainly isn’t an ominous warning to find the backup external hard-drive which went missing. Tomorrow will be our last day at work for two weeks. This probably won’t stop me from writing about what it’s like not having Cinto around. I’ll ask him to send some pictures of some snakes. Apparently there are a lot of them around his village.