Figured I’d put this up for anyone who needs it. I couldn’t find it anywhere on their website, and I know at some point some poor kid is gonna be scrabbling around for it to stick up on a mockup of a beer bottle or drink responsibly ad.
While we’re on the subject they have a pretty cool website and quiz that they’ve thrown together. I may have miscalculated a little but what the quiz says about me sounds about right.
“You drink more than most New Zealanders, but you drink slowly. This is great because it gives your body time to process what you’re drinking, and helps you stay in control.”
I was one drink over the average, and that would have been the unusual wine I had in the afternoon on Saturday.
For anyone who’s unfamiliar with Postscript files, they work fine in Illustrator and Indesign and all that jazz, calm down. Jeeze.