So I’ve succumbed to getting involved in the ridiculious garbage that’s going on in the console world. But that’s one dead horse that isn’t mine to beat. For me the biggest news from E3 was the debut of my most beloved game, Mirror’s Edge. It’s been 5 years since the last one came out, and I was kinda worried that it would never happen. I’ve been googling the rumours about the sequel ever since I played the first one. Feverishly flipping through forums and grotty looking news sites for the barest hint of something ME related. I heard the initial reports of it being thought about, and then DICE saying they’d canned it. Then it was being considered, but definitely never going to happen. Then there was like one lone guy working on it or something while the rest of the crew went and made millions of dollars pumping out Battlefield 3 expansions. Then in the month leading up to E3, little rumour mushrooms started sprouting in the forms of Amazon pages, EA troubleshooting pages, and the re-registration of the Mirror’s Edge website.
DICE is following the tried and true method of not bothering to rename the game, but rather just calling it Mirror’s Edge again, I guess since the vast majority of people out there didn’t realize there was a “Mirror’s Edge” in the first place, let alone a second one.
To celebrate I made an 8bit version of the logo. To fully appreciate it you should probably listen to the 8bit remix of Still Alive while you’re at it.
Ok, so what do we know about the sequel so far? It’s an origin story/reboot/prequel. I guess the prequel bit is a bit of a no brainer when you say it’s an origin story. The reboot bit is what I think is the weirdest part. I kinda feel like they might be putting more of a fighter spin on her. In the little amount of time they’ve been working on the game it looks like they’ve been concentrating mainly on combat and various scenarios that involve glass getting smashed.  I am glad there was no duel wielding weapons and crazy stuff like that though! In an interview some dude said “The first game was a lot about running away from things. And, even though you want to have sections with that, you also want Faith… she’s a powerful character and you want her to take control. You’ll see a little bit more of that in this game. Again, we’re not going to turn this into a shooter. On the contrary, in fact.”
They’ve put those fears to rest I think. And the fact the game is “open world”, and by the description under the video, seems to be free roaming, a feature everyone cried out for during the first one. So there will be plenty of opportunities for me to just do daring escapes instead of single footedly karate kicking everyone in the throat.
Faith looks younger, which goes nicely with the prequel thing. And who are these dudes that have breakable glass helmets? They can’t be from Project Icarus since all that jazz is in the future. Reboot it into the past I guess. Reboot whatever into the whenever-where.
Original ME
One thing they’ve settled on though is the city. The one thing everyone agreed on about the game was that the city was amazing. So they’re keeping it that way. The aesthetics are just amazing.
I can’t wait…
…When It’s Ready.