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If you missed Free Comic Day 2013 then don’t worry! You can have this whole entire webcomic for free. Knock yourself out you thrifty smart person you. Matt has really stepped up the gears for the story now. This strip is throwing me off as much is it should be for you as well. Don’t worry we aren’t Lost. We do have answers coming up! But first we’ll have polar bears randomly appearing where they shouldn’t. Although that reference kind of falls flat when it’s very likely that there ARE polar bears rocking around.

FCBD2013 went pretty well for me I think. +Matthew Rust our illustrious writer was our wheel man for the day accompanied by myself +Becky Hunt and her lil sister Lissy. We got to Heroes for sale far to soon. I guess we were rather eager beavers. A line had already arbitrarily formed and excited kids peered through the windows while their accompanying parents kept a lookout like mare cats.
We didn’t like the idea of standing around so we wandered down K Road towards the Army Surplus store when we bumped into Ghøstie and Trust Me. Ghøstie was working on a piece as a part of the Street Art Festival going down. I was a bit of a dick and couldn’t remember his name, although I recognized his stuff. It was pretty cool watching him work. Such clean lines with a spray can don’t seem possible. It’s like watching someone doing vectors in real life. To see the end results check out Streetarse


Arkham Comics location is a little strange. Tucked away in Royal Oaks mall. We saw the weird looking batman again as well as Richard Fairgray. It sucks, If we had caught them together I could have asked them where their sword was.By the time we were over that Heroes had opened up. We went back, grabbed a bunch of comics and headed off. I was worried at the lack of RPG material there. The board games were there, but D&D stuff was nowhere to be seen. They could have been behind the cosplayers and the weird looking batman though. The new store is nice and big, if not a little further away from the CBD. I hope this means they’re doing really well for themselves. When I told my 10 year old nephew today that there were only really two comic book stores in Auckland he sounded appalled. I hope that when he’s an autonomous human being that there are more stores to chose from. He told me that he liked comics with big adventures in them, not short little ones. I felt good about that, I feel like Snow will fit his criteria when he gets a bit older.
Since we had exhausted all known sources of free comics in Auckland we boosted it to Hamiltron. You scoff. But truly Hamilton is the city of the future. We quickly gathered up more free comics. While Lissy went and poked at Marvel stuff and Matt drooled over colour copies of Scott Pilgrim I headed for the back corner to check out the D&D stuff. I caught Chris, the dude that runs the place and I awkwardly tried remembering the name of the product I ordered off him via G+. When I finally remembered I found out that it hadn’t come in yet. No biggy, free postage. So I blew all my money on the regular Monster Manual and The Shadowfell (Gloomrought & Beyond) box. I was pretty stoked with the contents of the box. I really shouldn’t have gotten the Monster Manual though. If you’re a new DM I recommend skipping that and getting the Monster Vault instead. Better layout of the monster stat blocks and actual tokens and stuff you can use along with it.

The real surprise purchase was the original 2nd Edition Advanced D&D books I found at a second hand book store down the road. They’re fantastic! Having never played any other version of D&D other than 4th Edition I treat any older versions as rich hallowed history. While I’m never going to play 2e AD&D I’m definitely gonna use it as inspiration. Later in the week I may post some of the sweet artwork they contain. There may be copyright problems, but hopefully Wizards doesn’t mind if I post old TSR stuff. The art is just so great. It’s done in that era where chisel jaws, blond bowl cut guys and very naked poofy haired women weren’t done ironically. Also monsters actually look whimsical and creepy. I do enjoy the digital art style they use these days (and actually prefer it) but you have to dig the old stuff sometimes.
Uh. Where was I. Sorry. Oh yeah, then we went and had lunch and I punched a cup with ice in it, spraying it everywhere. Then we decided to leave. Because that’s what you do.
I nudged Matt into the urinal and apparently he couldn’t finish his business after that so he desperately had to go half way back to Auckland.
As we got back to town lightening decided to tag along, zapping the countryside. I managed to be looking directly at one of the strikes. It was amazing, and a pretty sweet end to this post.