Are you doing this? You should be! If you haven’t done it before it’s where you troll all your comic book stores for a some free promo comics. You usually have a limit of three or so, and going to different places usually has some different stock out. Amongst my group it becomes less about the comics and more about a nerdish pilgrimage. We’ll probably be hitting the new Heroes for Sale at the end of K Road and then off to Gotham Comics over in Onehunga. Edit: Apparently Gotham is closed now. But the crew that used to be there now has a new place called Arkham City Comics (I see what you guys did there) in Royal Oaks Mall. So we’ll go check that out instead.
The real event though is MK1 in Hamilton, perhaps the best part about the tron. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on the original Walking Dead story, although I’m not holding out that much hope to see any floating around. I know that if I was everybody else I would probably Flash mob a couple of abortion clinics shouting (all the men included) “GET THIS XENOMORPH OUT OF ME!” and then after I’d gotten bored of being everyone else I’d go and pick up a copy of The Walking Dead and leave none for the real me.
MK1 Stock

While we’re out on our crusade I’ll hopefully pick up some more D&D stuff. My players have gunned through The Reavers of Harkenwold and Cairn of the Winterking with only a few near death experiences. I’ll be able to coast on completely original adventures for a while. It feels refreshing when you have complete control over the places and the monsters your heroes might encounter and you know exactly what the ins and outs are of the mysteries that surround each adventure. I really need to chronicle their latest adventures. Plowing a flying boat into the ground to kill two guards for their gold is just too good to not be written down.