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I love the “WITH CASH” panel. Hero’s face is so great. I think I’m allowed a little pontification once in a while. In fact that’s probably the best way to describe these blurbs.
We’re running the new G+ commenting system now! There were a lot of pro’s and cons about using it, since Disqus is such a brilliant commenting system which is really open and allows everyone to chip in. But to be honest, no one really did, so we’ll see how this new system works. By the way, if you reshare this comic or post a link to this particular episode it’l appear in the comments down the bottom. So be careful about slagging me off! Cause I’ll probably see it. Ha ha.
At the moment the tag at the bottom of my posts are saying there are zero comments on everything, but that’s far from the truth. It’s just a big lier. I think I must have screwed something up when I unplugged Disqus. I have a feeling there is some rogue code floating around cock blocking some data somewhere. The easiest way I can imagine fixing it would be to reset the template. Unfortunately this template is heavily modified and putting back the tweaks all over the place would be just as much a pain. A manchilds work is never done.

Edit: 19/5/12, added Aarons beard in panel 210. It seems to disappear a lot.