It was the census recently. I thought this bit was a little silly. But I guess some people have jobs that aren’t described entirely by their title. The marriage section was a real F fest due to every sort of pairing being taken into consideration. It shouldn’t be so bad next time. On Wednesday the second reading of the gay marriage thing will get pushed through and then words like “husband” & “wife” will be rubbed out of all official documents except for a bunch of oddball sections like the Tuberculosis Act & Cook Islands Act, whatever those entail. Oh Well, Karl Pilkington always said we need less words.

One of my jobs every day is to check the stats for some of the App stuff we do at work. I decided that the graph was boring, so this is what I sent to the boss. He was suitably impressed.

I was asked if I could do a series of these. But it may be to much like giving away trade secrets in a festive manner. Subverting boring stuff could be quite interesting though. It’s about all I have time for any more.

I did however get a PS3, which my brother is getting the most out of going around in circles on Gran Turismo 5. I got it right in the middle of a console war, as you may have heard the PS4 is coming out soon. So I felt the need to take this photo for everyone on the other side of that line.

Oooh take that internet. Although the internet kicked back over the week and totally bombed Simcity. I’m going to rest the entirety of the blame on EA. Maxis can ride this one out with the browny points they’ve amassed with me over the years. I’ll still be getting Simcity whenever I find the money to afford it. Unfortunatly at the moment I need to melt my money down and shove it into the gaping holes in my teeth. I’ve done one filling so far but I have five more to go. For the price it’s costing I could have gotten at least 3 more PS3’s.
I tried telling the dentist about my theories of teeth. Surely we’re getting to the point where we can just paint enamel onto our teeth. Let’s stop screwing around with AIDS and get onto rectifying all the damage coke has done to us over the years. I was telling him I wish we were like Rats, which constantly grow their teeth out and just wear them down by chewing through solid cement. Or like sharks, who pretty much crap teeth on a regular basis. We’d have to go to the dentist to go get our teeth worn down all the time, a bit like hair. I figure that’s totally the way to go. On the form I had to sign before I could go in it asked me a list of questions, “do you have any medical problems, allergic to medication etc”. At the bottom was one last question which asked “Do you have any problems with your teeth.” I wrote down “Holes everywhere.” I wondered how many people write “No, I just came here for a free toothbrush and a bit of hand to mouth action.”
My bus goes past a sign every morning which advertises free meditation classes. I can’t imagine being silently ignored by an old wizened Indian gentleman to be that exhilarating. But to be fair, a bit of peace and quiet would be good. There’s no rest for the wicked and I’m apparently Hitlers therapist saying “No no Adolf, don’t commit suicide, find a hobbie, something to keep you occupied. You like playing Warhammer right? Why not try it on a bigger scale?”