I’m really gutted to announce that Snow is gonna be on an indefinite hiatus. I really want to stress that it is a hiatus and not a “Oh yeah we’ll get back to it, NOT.” Me ‘n Matt are really passionate about the world we’ve created and the stories we want to tell in it. Matt will continue to write the comic weekly, but I will most likely be unable to draw it for the next couple weeks/month(s?). So momentum on one front will be consistent, you just won’t see it playing out.

That paragraph has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks now. I couldn’t bring myself to post it. Like denial I guess. Literaly literary denial. BUT I do have good news! I have an internship which is quickly blooming into a job! The folks over at M2 magazine have given me the opportunity to work with them and learn. Not only that, my name is in the credits of their latest publications here in New Zealand and also in Australia. Did I earn credits just because I was there? No! I got to do the cover of the latest issue as well as a bunch of the articles, including the cover story and the Hallensteins Playmates spreads.

My cover layout, did some touch ups on the photo as well.

It isn’t my main job though. I’m in charge of converting the mag to the digital iPad version. It involves me relaying out the entire magazine and suiting its functionality towards the device. Which is supposed to be an improvement over the pdf reader version. Exciting stuff. It’s like what I spent my whole final year of uni researching. Hopefully my self taught skills will help me weather the storm. On the App store it’s currently at the top of New & Noteworthy.

M2 On the far left hand side there.

Anyway. I’ll stop pontificating about my new job. If you haven’t figured out already, the comics hiatus and the job are directly related.

It seems a shame to not have written about my new job earlier. It’s a new experience and this blog has been lucky enough to be privy to a lot of “growing up” milestones thus far. It would suck to just gloss over one.

I’m currently looking at ways I can continue to update this blog with something resembling entertainment. Motivation to draw is at 0% since if I’m not drawing Snow I feel like I’m wasting my time in that department. Perhaps I could try my hand at “designery” quotes or something. The work environment at M2 is definitely conducive to that sort of thing.