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I’m actually really enjoying drawing these at the moment. For a while they started feeling a little like a chore. But now Snow is starting to act as catharsis for me as I draw it.

But let me tell you what doesn’t relax you, listening to someone getting mugged by a bunch of Maori boys right outside your house. Invision the racist cliche in your head, there’s about 8 or 9 of ’em, a couple loud girls, and what sounded like a ghetto blaster pouring out rap. I doubt it was their cellphones, which are the main culprits on public transport, straining their guts out to push out tinny sound out of miniscule speakers. Your racism has now been validated and is now a factual image. On the up side they sounded pretty stoked to find someone who actually had cash on them. I’m surprised crime still pays, considering most never carry cash. On a good day they could probably jump me while I have my ipad and drawing tablet in my bag. Dollar Dealers would probably happily give them a grand total of $100, knowing their generosity.
By the time I went and got my glasses and went out to make sure the dude was alright everyone had buggered off.

Suffice to say it put me in a brooding mood for the rest of the day. It reminded me of that scene in Kick Ass where the guy in the window doesn’t go to Kick Ass’s rescue and just lets him get stabbed.