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This one features a tribute too one of our (me ‘n Matt’s(he’s the writer if you forgot or something)) early webcomic influences, Josh Mirman’s Punks & Nerds. I think I can track our discovery of the comic to late 2004 early 2005? We read Stubble from beginning to end (well, up to the latest comic, it hadn’t finished when we first started reading it.)
It inspired me to start my own comic which was so super shit I’m not even going to link it to you. Anyway. Huge inspiration in my formative years, especially with my drawing style,  which looked disturbingly similar at times (of course Mirman did, and does draw a lot better than I do.)
I can’t find the exact comic which we’re quoting, but if you can, post it in the comments section and I’ll draw you something in return or something. 
Edit: Screw you all! I found it! I win, I’m gonna draw myself something.