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A lot of peace signs in this weeks episode of Project: Snow. The writing process for the strips are starting to be fine tuned. It’s exciting meeting up with Matt each week to find out what he has in store for the characters.
Started reading The Walking Dead the other day. Me ‘n Becky got lent the first ones by the venerable Nicola. She isn’t actually old, just the last post she did on her blog is.
Anyway, I cut through the first book. I then quickly consumed the second and third during a single class. I savoured the fourth that evening, feasting on its delicious imagery and dialogue. The next day I borrowed the first couple episodes of the show and also found it quite enjoyable. Either way, I think I’m onto a good thing. You should totally get onto the good thing as well. 
It has the typical 28 Days Later start, but don’t discount it on that alone, or the fact that it’s a “zombie book”. It’s like saying that Lord of the Rings is an “orc book” so it must be gay. LotR is actually a “too long to be worth it book” so it is gay.

Updated 20/8/12 Mucked around with the innkeepers beard. Went on an anti-room spree. They said it way too much before. Added “Mr” to one of the panels, so the Slugger joke actually works. Yay for refinements! The Room thing really bugged Matt. He just had no room for words being used over and over. I didn’t mind room, most people don’t mind rooms. Room room room.