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Finally finished the strip. The comic in its current state would reach 25 pages now! Not including the covers and the related sundry bits and bobs. That’s pretty neat I think. This one was inked using Becky’s Wacom 4. I really didn’t take advantage of all those buttons. There’s just so many! After mapping, alt, ctrl+alt+Z, ctrl+S I just kind of ran out of hot keys I use on a regular basis.

There was a sudden death in the family yesterday. My uncle David. He was 51. We talked to a funeral director today, he was only a little older than I was. 
During the process Mum asked whether I would want a white coffin so one of my friends could graffiti on it. I said I’d rather they all signed it like it was a giant cast. “Get well soon.” would be an amusing one. Mum warned that this may not be a good idea, as my friends would probably write something irreverent. All I could imagine was being dug up in a hundred years and a geologist carefully wiping away the dirt as he slowly reveals a big hairy dick scrawled on the top of my coffin. Cremation and then a loving sprinkling down Queen street it is then.