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Woo, Finished the comic strip. My little finger on my right hand side feels like it’s shattered into little shards. Been drawing SOLID for 12 hours with BREAKS IN. BE. TWEEN.
Elissa seems to be well received. Becky had a golden line which isn’t suitable for print or for pixels unfortunately. She said “She’s so cute! I want to take her home… AND FUCK HER.”
I put Elissa  through the same process Aaron originally went through when I was designing him for the game. I wanted the characters to have the same roots, even if it seemed a little counter intuitive. Although the scale in which they are drawn only allows for a certain amount of detail. So drawing them with pixels allows me to only keep bold details, while dropping fancy pants fiddly ones because a ornately decorated cuff is literally impossible to draw with three pixels. Becky helped with colour selection. Another thing that serves no real purpose in the final renders in the comic, but might be good for future reference.