Tonight has been a night of revelations for me. Many new things have been announced and I’m worried that I will let some of them fall between the cracks of daily life, never to be seen again until I find them in a couple years. Lying behind the couch of idle boredom and pop culture, irrelevant and woefully malnourished.

First thing I found out was that Yellowcard is releasing its new album “this summer” Which is a bit like when you ask your parents when they’re gonna leave and they say “soon.” because “soon” is always far long than what the dictionary defines “soon” as. If they are going to be correct though should really say “as soon as it’s annoying and inconvenient for you.”

Then I found out THIS was on the internet. The wait is over past Izak.

Then I got excited that the music was all original, and just as rad as the films stuff. So I did some research and found out the guy who composed the score worked on the movies stuff, as well as Raid: Redemptions score. Huh.. Just realized I never raved about that movie on my blog. Oops. Well, it was an awesome movie and now you’re gonna have to wait for the western remake if you want to see it at the movies. Lets just say I’m buying the DVD as soon as it comes out.

And then I found out there was a Raid:Redemption comic which was kinda cool. And I love life so leave me alone.