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For the international crowd who may not be “up” on oceanic “lingo”, hiff means throw pretty much.
You know, I think I prefer drawing robots over humans. They’re just so much cooler than fleshbags.
So I’m still playing Dwarf Fortress. I’m up to building my second fortress. It’s in its 3rd year at the moment with over 120 dwarves in my command. The first fortress perished in its first winter, when all the ponds froze up and my dwarves died of dehydration, since one of us (either me or them) are to stupid to figure out how to melt snow or find underground streams. The last dwarf spent his final moments making coffins and being gagged by the miasma that was coming off all the withered corpses littering the halls… It was fun.
My current issues have been children growing up and suddenly realizing they don’t have any clothes, making them embarrassed, and eventually really pissed off. I think I’ve been able to avert this problem with the last trade caravan bringing cloth for me to make stuff out of.