So I managed to be let into Brick-Force (BrickForce? The logo seems to style it different.) I tried playing during the stress test the other day but it wouldn’t let me, but they made up for it by giving me full entry during closed beta anyway.

TL;DR Version This is a great game if you want Counterstrikey type action. But It’s got a bunch of annoying ticks that makes you remember that it is indeed still under development.
What this game has: Map building, minecraft style. You can build your map then instantly set it up as a game, letting up to 16 others jump into it and shoot each other, offering critique along the way. If they really like it they can save it to their maps list, opening their own servers using your map. This of course means you never know what you’re getting yourself into. One moment you’re in an overcluttered sky kingdom, the next your on a barren map with a solitary burning building in the middle. That’s the main catch with this game I think. You can actually tell the maps creators how bad it is to their face! Alternatively how great it is. I’m already a loyal member of a specific map which is slowly being fixed and cleaned.
You can also build your map co-operatively as well with a pile of friends, which I can’t wait to do when I actually have friends.

Leveling and Stuff. I wasn’t expecting this game to have ranks and weapon leveling. But it does. Ranks open up more stuff to buy in the store so you can customise your block person.
Clan Support. There is an entire server dedicated to Clan Vs. Clan. Another feature I wish I had friends for. Clans are slowly building at the moment, but nothing noticeable yet.
Headshots: Although as Matt pointed out, the characters are 50% head, so it should really just be “player shot.”

Pros: Maps load really fast and there is zero lag. Big deal for me, being from a third world country (New Zealand). If you get bored of a map you just go find another one. The weapons are decent. Snipers can one shot and gunners can multi-kill. Decent rewards for playing, and there seems to be no need to spend real money on this game.

Cons: building things is slow when compared to Minecraft. When someone gets kicked everyone gets a big ugly message in the middle of the screen that you have to click to remove. There is no way to heal at the moment. 2hp and no bullets? Tough bickies. You’l just have to commit suicide.

But I’m sure they’l fix this sort of thing by the time it’s alpha.

On a side note I took a bunch of screen shots for this post (the second image down for instance) but I got landed in a bunch of boring looking maps, and the interesting map I did get on was populated by snipers who wouldn’t let me pop my head out of cover for very long to take a picture of them. Add me, I’m “Izak”. We can run around killing each other. It’l be fun.