Relient K’s drawings
I would be editing together footage at the moment of this event so I don’t need to type to you about it, but my camera isn’t within arms reach so I’m calling a halt to that endeavor. Parachute is a weekend long christian based music festival held in Mystery Creek. I’m splitting everything up into managable chunks that I can write about, so here goes.
Relient K was fantastic. They played a sweet set which ended with Deathbed, which was quite moving. throughout the weekend they did interviews and workshops. Becky & Matt were awesome enough to get me tickets to that part, so I managed to get all the crew to draw on a merch shirt I got (which was also bought by Becky, seriously guys, to kind.)
Ethan Luck did the angry face, Matt Hoopes flicked out the christmas tree, Jon Schneck the Bart (“Don’t have a cow man!” possibly in reference to me telling him off for signing my shirt instead of drawing on it,) Matt Thiessen did the fluffy cat(?) &  John Warne had fun drawing out a plane with teeth. Huh.. I wish I had seen how cool Schnecks site was before just now..
Anyway, other than being a little girl about telling them that they were my first band there isn’t a whole lot to say. They’re nice guys, buy their CD’s. Oh yeah, they said the new album will be “ready when it’s ready.” but maybe this year sometime.