Based on a not true story.
It occurs to me that nothing fantastically interesting has happened to me lately. Normally if this were the case I would give up blogging till something came up. But since I have forced myself to be obliged to post here everyday for an entire year I have really laid myself bare for the world to see. Most people do this anyway, but usually amongst the comfort of their own friends or fellow twitterers. Blogs are no place to write about doing nothing (or at least in my opinion). So do I only write in here when I have something to say? Or should I battle on, pretending a new thought has occured to me in the time it’s taken me to write up the next comic, scan it, and upload it onto the com-puda?
Oh yeah, the Corbans Art Gallery has a cool little show for Peter Sauerbier running at the moment. You should check it out. You don’t have to be arty to think his stuff looks awesome. Who doesn’t dig a gun like the one pictured below?