Well I got around to uploading the magazine. You can check it out here, or over in the library, depending on how scared you are of being linked to outside sites.
I have there is a seesaw effect when getting jobs. “Oh man, you know what we should do? We should make websites, we would be the bomb!” “Man I hate talking to people. I don’t wanna say anything, what if they laugh in my face. We need someone to find us web jobs.” “I got the guts to talk to someone! It was awesome, and not half bad, and the world is a beautiful place.” “On second thought they probably thought I was a complete dropkick, I probably blew our chance at ever getting the job. Sorry bro.” “We got the job! No way! Awesome! We really are the bomb!” “I think I lost my ability to design and make things look good while I was asleep last night. I think it was the Bk I ate.”
Bk is like that one episode of Fringe, where that lady gets instantly pregnant and in labour and then dies. And then the baby grows into an old man three hours later and dies of old age. That’s pretty much EXACTLY like a burger king meal.