There comes a stage where you start coming across things from your past. It starts happening when you have a bit of past to actually run into. You see friends whom last you saw had squeaky voices and no facial hair. It can be kinda fun seeing what sort of monstrosity they turn into. What jobs they have etc.
The flipside to all this are the friends who didn’t quite make it out of the minefield of kidulthood unscathed. Unfortunatly the wounds sustained are sometimes of the variety that will never be healed.
 The debt of decisions is tallied, and a price is payed.. Moving on. 
If you don’t dig naked chicks, or your not in the mood to get fired for looking at artistic nudity you may want to give this a miss. To be honest I’ve tried making it as PG as possible. My style has improved by leaps and bounds in comparison to my first efforts. It’s awesome to compare.
“Izak, Whats up with the whole bikini thing?”
Good question. CLOTHES ARE HARD in this style. Maybe in the next one everyone will be all bundled up. But If the weather we’re experiencing at the moment is anything to go by at the moment I would say that what they are wearing now would become normal attire for everyday activities.