Christmas Girl: 2009 2010 2011 2012
I’ve been going through my spree of hot chick drawings again. Finally found the drivers for my tablet. Well I should amend that statement actually. “Finally became bothered enough to google the drivers for my tablet.” I was hoping it would fix the lag issue I was having using it in Photoshop. Didn’t work, but hey, at least all the shortcut buttons work on it now.
Let me get all the christmasy stuff out of the way. Since I’m gonna forget for the rest of the week.
I’m burning up right now. The weather is hot and muggy. Its the type of heat that makes you freak out every now and again that you have spilt something on your clothes, but then you remember its just your own sweat SPILLING out of your skin. And yes, christmas is like that here. No robins jumping around on cherrys while jack frost draws on window pains. None of this snow business and people bundled up inside. In fact I think that the picture I have drawn of a girl being a bit revealing more relevant than Santa Clause. And to be honest,  even what she’s wearing right now is probably unbearable. Everyone! Rise up! Throw down your cans of fake snow your spraying on your trees! Lets go to the beach! Awaaaaay!
“Woa, he didn’t once attack how consumer driven this holiday is getting!” & that is because I would rather talk about bikinis.