Vanilla Fiction / SKAB

I would like to introduce Zara to the blogging world. Although I’m sure she dabbled with livejournal or something ages ago. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to have her posting. Great for kicks and giggles. Her words are like tiny doves flying up out of the pages into your eyes and then into your brain. Where you will smile happily at their arrival.
ALSO, Vanilla Fiction is making her way into the scene. I’m certain this will be a place for the more visual oriented. Which will be owesome. As of yet she hasn’t posted anything BUT.. I have my expectations. & if her super secret journals are anything to go by her blog should be hilarious.

I open these gates to you. May you not be like bad sex. Hard and fast at first but soon becoming flaccid and very very dead. Yes, I’m talking about you. and no. Thats not meant to be a gay joke.But I guess it is now. Sigh.