Well yesterday was final hand in.
Me, Harry, and Becky decided to pull an all nighter to get our finals done. We had to do an illustration that was either watercolour or acrylics. No one could tell what Harry used watercolour due to his heavy style. He played this up by never mentioning in his rational what medium he had used. Should be interesting to see what Ellette (Our lecturer) thinks of it.
To be honest we’re lame at all nighters, we ended up sleeping for about half an hour… I think. I’m not sure really. I just remember Beckys dad kicking down the door into his study scaring the Bejeezers outa me.
We got to uni with all our stuff together and went upstairs. Some of  the girls were there working on their junk. Being genuinely inquisitive about how my stuff turned out they ask “Oh how did your final turn out?” “Oooh, It looks awesome! Wanna see?” “Yeah, I’ll probably wanna kill myself after seeing it.” “You BETTER kill yourself,” I respond, as I dig through our work. My digging became even more frantic as I realized it wasn’t there. “Oh crap, Brb.” I said as me ‘n Becky went out to her car. It wasn’t there. So we had to go aaaall the way back to Red Beach to get it. We got back an hour later and I casually show them.

Anyway, after that I had a 13 hour nap. Here’s some visual entertainment I did while on a random roadtrip to the Tron a couple weeks ago.

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