I woke joyfully at 6 or so in the morning. Hopped on a bus and arrived on Greenlane at about 8. I was walking along not quite sure where to go when a asian chick with green hair and white thigh highs appeared in front of me. “Ah, it’s a fair assumption that this person is going to the same place I am. I shall follow her and ra-follow her.”
This was to be my first encounter with Armageddon. Previous years have seen me broke, friendless, uncommitting, and just generally lazy around this time of year. Fortunatly Becky is good at getting me motivated to get out the house.

As I stood around waiting to rendezvous I got talking to some random, when asked why I wasn’t in cosplay I gave him a disgusted look and told him i WAS in cosplay, and that I was actually that dude from prototype… I then morphed out a giant black scythe, cut him in half, and then drop kicked his halves in opposite directions, landing one half on top of one tree hill and the other on the opposite side of the showgrounds. Yeah, thats exactly what happened.

What else did I do… I talked to a dude who was the lead concept artist for District 9, The Hobbit, and LOTR to a lesser extent. Talked to a bunch of NZ cartoonists. That was cool. Bought a few NZ comics and got them signed. I was totally gutted there pretty much nothing DnD related there. Wizards just went nuts for Magic: The Gathering. There was a small table advertising a weird DnD based clip together plastic board thing. I’m not sure how to describe it. Underwhelming is probably the best word..
I also gawked at Cosplayers, watched Becky Drool over Han Solo and Star Wars stuff, Said “F**K you” To Darick Robinson, artist of Spider Jerusalem-Wait yes, I did. He gave me the fingers, he totally started it. Lol, he’s pretty cool though, although I hadn’t heard of Spider Jerusalem till then.

Anyways, Fun times. Might make a comic book by the time the next Armageddon rolls around. I took a few videos while in there, so you might see those a little later on. I’ll leave you with some unrelated pics.

A mannequin that’s been scaring the crap outa people in the toilets at uni.

Enforce1 / Cut Collective – K Road

Oh P.s. Special shout out to everyone who helped me with my nerd flash guide thing. It’s got over 6,200 hits on Newgrounds now. I suspect at least 5000 of them are from this blog alone. =P