Right now I’m pretty tired, trying to keep up with uni stuff while at the same time pursuing a social life. And to top it off I’m coming down with something. But enough with my personal woes! Yesterday we suited up for Quins birthday. Primed ourselves by watching The Hangover, and then went to the casino. I went in with 20 bucks, lost the first ten straight off on blackjack. The girls went off and played roulette. The numbers and chips flying all over the table kind of put us guys off, so we stuck with the blackjack. We started off pretty awkward, sorta like the first day of school or something, except everyones got more money, and instead of teachers you have a guy in a vest who represents the monstrosity known as the “house” who would happily take your kneecaps as payment for cheating if need be. Or so I assume, most of my knowledge about casinos is gleaned from movies. 
Hayden got out of the night 70 or so dollars up on what he started with, luck bastard. Matt was outa luck though when it came to handling his own chips, but fortunatly owned up when I lent him one of my chips. It’s his fault I came out of there with twice what I started with. Woo. Quin broke even, and Ben. Well Ben watched I guess.
P.s. Never play the poky machines. Those things are just depressing. I would rather best my luck against vest guy than the flashy box which is designed to make sure your money disappears into it. 
Oh yes, and then we went to a pool room place and I managed to shoot these on the way. Sadface, I’m still using my phones crappy camera. Half the shots came out blurry as heck. P.P.S. I hate drunk people so much I might write a song about it.
Tiempo Fueda/Tiempo Muera