Aaaah, man, it’s been one heck of a week. It was so heckful in fact that I couldnt be bothered getting up for the first two days of uni this week. It’s a tough life I tell ya. I mean, yeah, I’m gonna regret it next week when we have to show some fruits of our labours for interim critique. We gotta present two poster designs for a play of some sort, the template designs for a website we have to build, and also an illustration or something of a metaphore, using hands as the subject matter. Or something like that. I don’t really listen. I just ask someone who was and they sum it up in a single sentence what our teacher took an entire class to articulate. *turns to teacher* Seriously, I know if you come to class and give us all your material in 5 minutes it might make us wonder how much you’re getting payed and whether it might be way to much, but at the moment you’re not exactly a great example of a communicator. And that’s what we are as designers… Which leads me to some more invisible people who I’m going to loudly stage whisper to for your amusement.
I, Izak Flash Man, am not training to be a fine artist. You, idiot face, must realize that if it weren’t for us “useless degree” people you would probably be stuck with websites like this, and you wouldn’t understand any sort of advertisement because they would look like this.

 Ok, I’m sorry for that. Peace out homies. Next post: Casinos and suits (It’s true!)