Last night I vowed I would do something worth posting about today. Instead I decided to sleep in and skip uni. So now that I have effectively scuttled my education and my day I now pronounce that this week will be dedicated to navel gazing and sitting in ivory towers sipping bohemian tea. This is to combat a conversation I had about the format of most of my posts which is: “Today I went to ______ with, person, person person, and did something lol. P.s. Here are some crappy pics of stickers.”

So instead I’m going to talk about thoughts, and since they never physically happened they don’t follow any set format. 
Branding. What do you think about when you hear this word? Labels? Clothing? A hot iron rod pressed into the buttocks of a cow? Strangely that last one is pretty much what labels and logos are all about. It’s a symbol thats branded into your brain. And along with it comes a whole pile of myths and legends that are attached to it. They come to us in various forms, advertising, personal experiences, etc. Some are negative, some are positive. you look at the golden arches of McDonalds and you already have all these opinions and biases about it. It’s kinda crazy really that we can have so many thoughts and opinions about what at the end of the day is, a product or a service. With things like a cross or a flag it makes a little bit more sense. Religion and politics matter a bit more than the adidas logo on your underwear. 
Really all I’m trying to say is, if they want to market nazi philosophy in a post WWII culture, they should really stop using the swastika. The Buddhists are pissed you stole it guys. Even if you did reverse it. But I have a totally original design for you to use. Go ahead, knock yourselves out. Seriously, knock yourselves out you fucken racists.
P.s. Here’s some crappy pictures of stickers. See You tomorrow with some more super thought provoking musings.
ActionMan Adam
Tiempo Fuera/Tiempo Muera
Translated: Freud Time/Dead Time