Today I found a dead mutilated weasel. Guess he thought he could sneak by my rodent land mines. That taught him a lesson he wont ever forget.
I saw Inception the other day, and it’s been lurking on my mind ever since. I have been willing myself into having dreams as well. It’s not that difficult when I usually don’t get up till 11. This mid morning dreams are always crazy. The other day I was in the middle of a dream when these people were like “Ok, so the nicest way to wake up is like this…” and then my conciousness started to feel like it was pulsing to the surface, then I woke up. It was actually a delightful way to wake up. I woke 5 minutes before the alarm I was going to ignore was going to go off. So I turned it off and went back to sleep. Similiar thing happened at 8:20, the other time I usually get up. I’m rather impressed with my body clock. I have two internal alarms depending on the time I want to wake up. Well to be honest I have a snooze internal alarm as well, which never actually goes off, so it serves its purpose perfectly.

*Inception questions alert, don’t read past here if you haven’t seen it yet*

Things I want to know: How does that machine work that makes them dream? If the architect makes all the dream places does that mean that they would be inside her dreams no matter how far in they go? How come other peoples projections don’t fill up the dreaming like Cobbs wife? If they can create more projections how come the extractors don’t train their own projections to fight back in counter, like an imaginary army. Where is limbo stored? in peoples consciousness I presume. But since they come back to it by dreaming, doesn’t that just make it a new level and not limbo at all? Couldn’t the architect, or host dreamer, make new levels unconsciously, unwittingly creating an infinite amount of levels? If it was all a dream and the spinning top didn’t topple that would mean his wife is still alive. But does that mean all the other characters were projections? If he’s really still sleeping, how far down is he? If he’s only one level down that would mean time is moving quite fast and he should have woken up naturally. If he’s down in a level below or near limbo that would support the theory about infinite levels.

*Your safe now*

After all is said and done, the movie was a little disappointing because the trailer showed every single special effect used, and lets all admit it, we all went to see it because we wanted people to run around in a city folding in on itself, and have nostalgic memories about seeing The Matrix for the first time. But I enjoyed it for all the questions it left behind. I can’t wait for all the shitty fan fiction and youtube vids start flying around.