Lets have a look at my photos and see what I have been up to lately… Coming into contact with a little passive aggressive racism at the bus stop there. Celebrating diversity, westy style.

Oh yeah, sometime last week I went over to Browns bay and chilled out with Haejee and Nick Marks, and Mark. lawl. I forgot all about this drawing I did of Haejee until I went rifling through her purse.
Oh yes, and on friday me name, name, name, name, and his friend name went to the classic, up the top of queen street. Its this comedy club if you’ve never heard of it before. 20 bucks entry, every friday night they have a headline act. We got to see Steve Wrigley which was yay. Definitely worth it if you feel like laughing for two hours and like to feel sympathetic towards a comedian getting heckled by a big half drunk Maori guy who thinks he’s just as funny. Comedian – “So what sort of paper do you guys make?” Drunkard – “Toilet paper that comes out of your mouth.”
This tag on the front door pretty much sums everything up nicely.