Man. Had to upload this freakin video like four times. First time, just failed for no reason. Second time it told me that my video was a minute and a half to long. So I had to cut out bits and pieces of the vid. Third time, failed for no reason again. Fourth time lucky.
Anyway, what I was gonna say in the “about” part in youtube I will take the time to tell you about here, as like a yum little tit bit for you to suck on as you watch.

When we went and did the recording with the coffee/milo the lady there was friggin a nut I swear. She was like a banshee. “Can’t come in here!” “were gonna buy some coffee.” “Oh.. Well your Camera is gay! We don’t let gay cameras in here.” But we got to do it anyway. Since were stubborn like that.
I think petrol stations are a wee bit to paranoid. I have had quite a few run ins with them (Which is odd since I don’t own a car.) The last time was last year, taking pictures of different Logos with Harry. Man, the Indian dude at the petrol station thought we were scoping out their LPG tank for a big hit or something. Anyways, Here’s the vid.