Well I went and did it. I chickened out a couple months ago, but I got around to it eventually anyway. Facebook no longer has a hold on me. Don’t worry I’ll probably be among the first to join whatever the next big thing is, and delete my account while the site is still going strong (Or at least, hit its peak and is now watching with horror as it begins its slow slide down into anicdotes of yesteryear and reflections of a time when your email addresse was a small ballad of what you liked, [email protected])

Although I do applaud Facebook. They did a great job at making an addictive place for people to chill out. Also it was the ultimate grapevine for hearing “hot gossip” about what your friends were up to. It was also a great place for public announcing how much of a douche you were, which I took upon myself as a duty. *Keir nods in agreement*

Oh yes, the other reason I applaud their sneakiness. All I need to do to reactivate my account is to log into it. So its tantalizingly still there. Like a needle full of cocaine in the draw beside me. Calling. Urging me on. Telling me “Just this one time, just check for any funny updates, join a random group.” NO. I shall remain strong.