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(Note that this installation contains different characters and is in a different location, hence a different storyline.)

The stars looked down. Down. Down. A small figure was looking up at them and talking. To the stars embarrassment they realized the tiny person wasn’t talking to them at all, but in actual fact talking to another tiny little person. Osseous stood outside his house looking up. Up. Up. The air was crisp and his feet were a little cold, but it didn’t matter. He was talking to the love of his life, and just talking to her was enough to keep him warm. He could have gone without food even, if she had been a better conversationalist. He pressed his cellphone up against his head, smooshing his ear so he could hear everything she said in perfect clarity. “I wish you could see them Antheia, there are to many for one pair of eyes alone.” “Your such a Romantic sometimes.. Always have been.” You could hear the smile in her voice. “Your like my muse, I normaly don’t give half an arse about stars and poetry and junk.” “Ha ha. You dick.” “Well I would say right now I’m more of a-.Aw shit. The door closed on me. It’s going to suck trying to get back in now.” Osseous tried the handle, damn. Locked. Ah well. Now he had a good excuse to talk all night. “Osseous, I need to tell you something” Antheia said. She was in her room on her bed. The walls were bare, and only a few essential items were strewn around the sparse room. All her stuff was packed into boxes. And this is what she had been putting off telling him. “I’m leaving..” “What? You’re tired already?” “No.. I’m leaving for the city. I got my documents approved. I can leave our zone finally.” “…finally. I was hoping I would never hear that. Well you have warned me before, I just never thought it would happen.” He noticed the cold more now. He knew what was coming. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do a long distance relationship.” She said in a small voice. “Yeah.. We’ve talked about this..” He said. Crestfallen. “We might both meet someone better.” Antheia said, trying to cheer him up a little. “Probably not.” “Well.. Whatever.. Goodbye Ossy.” She said, using his pet name. “Yeah. Good luck out there right?” “Thanks. I’ll need all the luck I can get.” And with that they hung up. Osseous looked around. The moonlight illuminated his fence and the grass surrounding the property. In the distance he could see the state highway. One or two gleaming lights were glinting across it. He tilted his head slightly.. “that could be me..” He thought to himself. He turned around, broke into his own house via the window that never quite closed properly and snuggled into bed. He was slowly forming a plan..