Today we handed in our essays for critical studies. I think I pulled mine off alright. There are a bunch of errors in the way I did it throughout, but overall I did ok. I feel sorry for everyone that was still doing their piece 30 minutes before hand in. 0_0.

I was contemplating putting the essay on the blog. But I really don’t want to bore you with it. So instead, as a tribute I shall write a 3 minute 3 second blitz essay. What does that mean? It means I’m going to do a sum up of it in three minutes and three seconds. Why three minutes 3 seconds? Because thats how long the song is I will be listening to while Writing this. Now your challenge is to listen to the song and read it. And if you don’t reach the end by the end of the song I can type faster than your face can read. (Which is highly unlikely.)
Im doing an essay about Andy warhol. A long long time ago he went and ripped off a picture of marilyn monroe. He didn’t even change anything. Much like that guy who did the obama “Hope pictures” but that guy got taken to court and andy didn’t. Cause he has funny sun glasses and is all mysterious and art. He actually had more of an upper hand because he lived in a time when people were still pushing the limits on art (Or in some peoples cases putting urinals in art galleries for the lolz) But you know how these things go. When one pony does it everyone else follows and then the big people havbe to do something about it like make copyright laws. A bit like the internet and downloading. When it first started no one had thought about laws for the net. Now their doing all sorts of crazy dumb laws that stop me from stealing stuff like the song I’m listening to. Oh no i’m out of time!
Well. that covered like Only one point. But it was the most interesting point anyway. Quick side note. The guy who created the iconic image is also the street artist who designed the “Obey” pictures. I may have mentioned them in a time long long ago. I know theres an original styled one on lincoln road. But yea, He started off doing stickers. Now he just did a picture that will go down in history in one way or the other.