I would just like to take a brief moment to imform you of my latest discovery. Bohemians, and especially their commentators SUCK at writing stuff. Well, thats sort of a lie, they can link huge words together beautifully. You can almost hear their innunciation of each word. But to be honest, who are they writing for? Their peers who already know all of it? Or for the common man to build himself up. Probably their peers, Or at least I hope so, because if they aren’t their failing miserably. I’m in the process of reading a bit of this Ebook about Andy Warhol. Its all good when it has comments from Andy Warhol himself. Oh he’s the guy that did that picture of Marilyne manson over and over again in different colours btw. But as soon as the blasted writer starts doing his thing its pretty much, ok whatever. He may be able to proove to the world he knows a lot about art history, but it doesn’t exactly make for a good read.

Maybe its just because I’m still a novice of the subject, or I’m a dumb ass, or I’m not used to the crappy writing style. I guess I’m just gonna go back to playing GTA on my DS now. Wooooo.

 Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych 1962