Haven’t posted in a while. Stuff has happened. Heh. STUFF. Hate that word at the moment. Spotlight by Mute Math on the other hand is an awesome song. Check it out. Anyway, did our talk about Phili yesterday. I was gonna do a song but we ran outa time. It would have been good, but I’m sorta glad it stopped there. Heh, yesterday was actually really good. I’ll step you through it. Guaranteed to make you Lol at least once. Me, Phil, Sarah (omgOSH), Zara, Aimee, and Margret were doing a panel like thing. Zara was describing manila “Its just like a big concrete… Big concrete.” I whisper “Donut” “Thanks Izak, Yea, a big concrete donut.” I got a kick out of it, even if no one else did, im just rolling around on my seat as the interview continues. Flip forwards a bit, I’m talking to the new gappers after church. Wow, their good kids. ha ha. Unlike the ‘08 crew. We were bad asses. Sneaking out. Causing havoc. Getting together. And then getting untogether later. =( But anyway, their going to the cascades and they say I gotta go.  I was like “Dude, Robby come on man we gotta go.. Please.” he got work off that afternoon to  hang out. So we jump in his car. On his restricted, and me on my non licence. “Ok Izak, If we get pulled up by cops you have to pretend to be drunk so I can say I’m just doing the right thing and driving you home.” “Hmm, You have done this before I see.” So we don’t really know the way to the cascades. His dad told him to go towards his nans place, but not. Sounds like surfer logic to me.  Were driving along and he goes “Oh crap, were on the wrong side of the tracks were meant to be over there!” Then turns to look down the road again “WOA A COP ACT NATURAL.” I snap into my guilty blank face and Robby bounces up and down on his seat grinning like a maniac with his eyes closed.
I’m surprised he couldn’t hear us screaming to be honest. Anyway, we get up into the waitakeres and then take the wrong turn, going to the opposite entrance to the dam. We pull up to this hiker who’s getting ready to do his thing. “Hi, excuse me, do you know where the falls are?” “Yea mate,” Pointing across the road “There’s a sign, start there.” “Oh ok, cheers.” then we go hooning off, I see the sign he was gesturing at ‘Fairy falls’ “Those are the wrong falls the lier! Oh wait, I just realized, he probably thinks were eggs for driving right past the entrance. Hope he doesn’t jump in his car, chase us for a while “No we don’t want to go to those falls!” “Yes let me help you!” Then goes smashing into the side of us to disable our car so he can help us whether we like it or not. “You have to go this way! Your going the wrong way! Let me help you!” “Unhand me!” ” Phew. That was all just a messed up fantasy. But hilarious at the time. We eventually made it to the gappers. We walked to the falls and I was egging Robby to dive in. I eventually said I would do it if he did. I jumped in with my dickies on. Come to think of it, that’s probably why I was having trouble staying on the surface. I took my hat into its second waterfall. Gotta love that old thing. It got personality. Ever since it got acid rain from phili on it and started to bleach it. That waterfall was so friggin cold my limbs were all seizing up. But it was good. Its the first time I have swum there. Later on the gappers booted a wasps nest and the golf course got filled with wasps, demanding to know what happened to their crib. This freaked Robby out far to much. I told him not to struggle, but he insisted on flailing his arms around hitting every point wasp he could. The moral of this post is as follows. Mute Math still rule, even if they do a song for tWHYlight.
Robby is freakin hilarious to hang out with.
And dickies dry surprisingly fast for jeans.

Doesn’t he look like a jerk?