I went to the orientation day at Massey university today.. Yea it was ok. Yea, I have seen all the movies, university is that place where you get hammered every day, and have lots of “fun” and stuff. I didn’t know that was actually a cliche based on facts! Its so in your face. I asked this chick what she had been doing for the past week (Shes staying on campus) and she told me that she had drunk every night. Yay. I haven’t seen someone so proud about trying to pickle their kidneys before. And our uniguide Oscar was telling us how he was naked almost the whole time on his first year on 0 week. Everyones buying tickets for the pub crawl and the various stuff going down at the on campus bar. I might be a bit more forgiving of that if all the bands weren’t hip hop.

In general I found it a wee bit awkward, I’m not going to describe the various groups I have made boxes for because then you would really know how Narcissistic I really am.
Keep on rockin’, Hopefully monday will give me a more optimistic outlook.
P.s. I’m actually pumped for the course. Do not be worried about that.