Ok I lie, Its not the FINAL study block, but the ones after will be totally overshadowed by the awesome experience in Thailand. Yay! I havent forgotten you all. (Sorry I haven’t texted in a while either guys. Out of reception and out of battery juice stuff.)

Ok, Im gonna try and type about the last…. 6 weeks?

Finlay Park.

This was a great place. For one reason and one reason only.Own. Personal. SKATE PARK! I got myself a sweet deck to use here. The mornings were freezing, so it was always a bit of a run to breakfast. At night we watched the Band Of Brothers series. Everyone got into it. Even the girls funnily enough. Goes to show that Blood, guts and violence isn’t just a guy thing. Its a human thing.

Heh heh. I also made a mini series with an unfortunate jenny doll, which (In chronilogical order) got its hair set on fire, drowned, frozen, dropped down a water slide, smashed, ripped in half, put back together, decapitated, and then recapitated with her head upside down. It started off as a rediculious look at how people dont take responsibility for their actions and blame it on the media. Then it went off on a tangent cause everyone liked it so much. Oh yea, on the finaly day I got my hair slashed by Aimee, Beth, Jess and Emalee. Sorry for the emotional trauma Jess. You did good. =D Its like an emo cut now, but lopsided at the back. ha ha. I did it for the opshop ball. Lt. Funk played. They were so groovy, and I knew how to dance to every song because it was all ska/funk/reggae styles. ha ha.
We got our visa applications ready as well, in little old cambridge again.
Huia Lodge

West Auckland! yea ya! Huia lodge is this little place way up in the waitakeres. The community spirit of headspace got rekindeled here in my opinion. Probably because we had two places to go. our little rooms, or our little hall with a nice fire roaring in the corner. So a lot of munchkin playing went on here. Heh heh. I made a bunch of the guys even more nerdier when I made them partake in my own homemade RPG. It was hilarious to see how animated they get freaked out when I make a Resident Weevil burst out of a box at them. ha ha. Good times… Your all looking very lost. I’m sorry. I should keep the nerdishness out of this. Oh yea, The designs for headspace are trundeling along. I designed our Tshirts. Everyone went into the mall and got their own Tshirts from hallenstines.
The actual design for headspace itself though is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Ema is very particular. Which is great, it stretches my talent muscles somewhat. And I would rather not do a bogus design for the figurehead of headspace.
During this time we were going to my church for thai lessons and more perspectives.

Finlay Park II

KIDS CAMP! It was totally rad. I got a cabin of kids to look after. I have to say its right up there with Coopers Beach camp. Its so relaxed its great. I was mostly on Skate Park Duty. But I pretty much sucked cause I never did a good job of keeping kids in helmets. And one of the little maori Boys kept nicking the Decks -_-. Funny story though, On the last night We caught him and his mate sneaking out to go pranking. We chased them down, one of them slipped on the concrete then got owned by Ian our camp director, and the maori boy got jumped by the other leaders. He stayed in the leaders cabin so we could keep an eye on him. But obviously not a very good eye because he stole two Ipods. We almost didn’t get them back. Ian was planning to do a bag search, but everything pointed to this kid, so he was grilled or something (Don’t know exact details so I won’t exaggerate it) and finally gave them back. Franks Ipods backlight doesnt work anymore though, saddly. But at least he got it back. Cloie, one of the chick leaders got baptised there this morning in fact. It was great. I was beaming =) I was so happy for her. Also last night All the Big Names came and played. and hey hey, I could dance to all their music because it was Ska. Yay, such luck. =D
Ian was a great camp director. One night us leaders werent getting into bed fast enough so he came in with a mini baseball bat and gave a bunch of us a bit of a wack to speed us onward. I was laughing my head off. Hmmm, Other stories.. Their all quit painful. I owned myself heaps trying to do grinds on the skate park. oh yea, and theres this kid Adam, I’m sure he’s gonna win the darwin awards one day.
a bunch of my campers were sitting behind another leader in chapel. and as he was sitting down they tried pulling his pew out from behind him, it didn’t really work, so as the leader was pulling back the pew, Adam put his head between the gap where the two pews in front met. He got his head caught and his ears squashed. It looked rather comical. He had been asking for it all morning though. He’s the sorta kid that doesnt understand that “If you touch my hat,My oh so gorgeous hat,) one more time, or if you punch me a few more times, I WILL poke you harder than you ever could little man.” So what does he do -_-. So I poke him and he crumples and cries for a few seconds, then decides that the best way to deal with the situation is to hit me again. So I sit there for a bit waiting for him to stop, then tell him again “Don’t touch me or it will hurt on your part.”…..AdampunchsImegaPoke and he’s down for the count! The crowd roars! I feel Strong because I can beat up kids half my size. -_-

and now I’m home, Waiting to go over seas and do what I have always dreamt of doing….

….Buying pepsi in a bag.