So I had my last day at the apple pack house on friday. It was a great day, all the awesome and wonderful ladies at work put on a lunch for us. I was so stacked, Lol, They ran off for us to clean up though, fair enough. XD
The last ten minutes were spent on the grading table (Where I have been for the most part) totally slacking and making people laugh. HOO-RA! A phrase of mine which will probably go down in history there. They were also getting good at my car alarm sound “WOOP WOOP!” which some of you may be familiar with.
One of the girls wanted to beat me up after work but I said no. After much consideration I agreed to a punch to the face. You should see the video, straight on the jaw and then i go flying sideways. Ah good times.
household. You guys were a great family, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. I know me and peaky would be a colourful lot to deal with. Speaking of which, friday night for the Talent show I did this while the show did its thing. I only justIt was a little sad saying goodbye to everyone though. The same goes for leaving the Greens finished it as they were ending.
Racheal now has the original. I don’t know where shes gonna hang it though cause its rather large. Oh yea, what you see in the bottom right is a Jesus stencil I made. I sprayed it onto an A4 sheet the night before then pasted it on during the show. Later on me and Frank did our little skit thing which involved James Brown’s “Feel Good” song. It was pretty rad, But I think we offended the next person to go up with our comment of “Singing a church song in church is so cliche.” =S. Should have thought it through a little more I guess. Peaky did an improv thingy, where I filled a bucket with random objects and foods and then gave it to him on stage. He ended up getting randoms to Sniff Pepper and eat that salsa stuff which we ate in the last post. (I couldn’t remember the name of it, learn to know what I’m saying without me actually saying it already why dont you??”)
It was totally rad getting a package from mum and dad. Woa, that totally rhymed. Im A gangsta rapa’ and it just don’t matta’. P.S. Mum, I haven’t taken that T shirt off for four days.

So then the journey began to Cambridge, *Cue rolling country sides and Lord Of the Rings Theme music*….*That I didn’t actually look at because I spent the entire time playing Pokemon Pearl on Peakies DS.*
Me and Zak Stayed at Peakies for the weekend. I swear, you can’t stay at that house and NOT become a hardcore gamer. They have far to many consols and screens. It was nutty. This is Peakies Machine. Look at it. Its like a Mini bar and dance club.

Oh yea, everyone may have heard of that factory burning down in taumutu, We could see the smoke of it from our house.

Peakies mates are pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of Matt and all his crew back home.
At the moment I am sitting in my new host families home, in my room. THEY HAVE A LAN CABLE! GLORIOUS INTERNET ON TAAAAAAAAAAAP. Also another computer so Zac doesn’t need to wait for the lappy. Turns out their fifteen year old son is a computer guy. Looks like we might fit in here. =)

Miss ya’ll a lot.

(Early start tomorrow, were getting thrown straight into work again.)