Well I have settled into my new host family. The Diprose. And yes. THEY ARE A RELATION. Small world I guess. They are a really nice family. Zac had a little trouble with their fluffy cat, turns out he has an alergy or something nutty. Sorted out now.
The toilet is really dramatic. For about five minutes directly after flushing it sounds like the starship enterprise is trying to take off.
The town is small, but thats ok I guess. I think Ill miss hastings. I just finished my third day at the packhouse. Dude, we get tomorrow off. Shaweet! Its exciting since we usually only get sunday off. Thank goodness for impromptu breaks. I would burn out. The place gets really hot in the afternoon. No clock, which is annoying. So once again I have to smuggle my phone in. -_-

Its actually not so bad working with everyone (ok not quite everyone, 5 of the girls are down south at the moment. Miss you all by the way =)